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Book Review- Brindille

Gah, the cover itself is so gorgeous!!!!!

Summary (Goodreads)

A frail young girl flees a roaring forest fire in the middle of the night desperately taking refuge in a cave where she quickly loses consciousness. She wakes up in a strange, tiny village populated by fairy-like creatures. Her hosts seem intrigued by the sparkles of light that seem to surround her. The village chieftain explains that one of their hunters found her passed out in the forest and brought her back here for treatment. He asks who she is, but she remembers nothing except for a wall and flames. The chief is baffled by her tale as there has not been any fire in the forest lately, and yet the young woman does indeed show signs of burns. Somewhat recovered and dressed in woodland clothes made by the villagers, the young lady asks to meet the hunter who found her in the forest. She asks her savior to take her to where he found her, hoping that seeing the place will restore her memory. But Meliss refuses — the rules of the village say that only hunters can enter the forest, and all of the sparkles surrounding the girl would catch the eyes of predators living in these woods… What follows is a tale of discovery, magic, tragedy, and adventure, as the girl discovers powers that may or may not be borne of an ancient evil. She befriends a cunning, talking wolf along the way, and together the two set out on a journey that will not soon be easily forgotten. A beautifully illustrated, magical fairy tale sure to appeal to young teens and up, created by the award-winning team behind the world-renowned LOVE series of wordless wildlife graphic novels.

My Views

Can we please talk about the beautiful illustrations first, like WOW!
They were epic, and well judge the book by it’s cover, cause the graphic novel and its cover BOTH ARE AWESOME!
I love the end especially, when she discovers herself and finally remembers….
It’s heart-touching the way she and the wolf bonded, though I do feel sad for the mermaid…….
This book is most certainly a must read, and one of my new favorites!

My rating 4.5 out of 5 stars

About the Author

Source Goodreads

Brrémaud, whose real name is Frédéric Brémaud, born March 11, 1973 in Seoul, is a French comic book writer. He also signs under the names of Brr or Frédéric Alléluïa Brémaud.

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Well that’s all for today!
I hope you read this book (seriously, the illustrations ARE MAGICAL)!

Stay safe!


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