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Book Review- Witching Moon

Witching Moon


Once in an eon, when the Earth eclipses the moon on a winter solstice, an immortal is born under a witching moon. Anne has always had the strangest feelings—memories she couldn’t place; strangers she inexplicably yearned for.

After she rescues the enigmatic Phillip from a shipwreck, her comfortable life on the island of Cusabo is shattered, and the mystery of her destiny starts to fall into place. Anne leaves behind the life she’s always known and sets out with Phillip on an arduous journey to Amaranth, where her ancient family awaits her. But the path is dark and daunting, and Anne’s powers have only just begun to manifest. 

My Views

This story was woven so beautifully, the idea, the theme, the concept completely original and impressive, the words of the main character Anne deeply impacting.
So the starting was a bit slow and somewhat confusing to a point, but as the story goes on it touches your heart many a times.
The thrill when you are reading your favorite book, your heart-beating at some points, I felt it all in this book, and the ending was so happy!!!
I’m so glad Anne and Philipp and Anne felt whole again when she met Rowan!!!!!!! (That has to be the best part of the book).
Now for the criticism, so yes I did love this book, but there were a lot of unnecessary things I guess?
And like I said there is a lot of confusion in the starting and the ending just seems a bit aloft and a bit too happy, like the main points are left, we never get to know of her conversation with her old husband AND EVEN AFTER READING 300 PAGES WE STILL DON’T KNOW WHAT HAPPENED TO HER SIBLINGS AND FOSTER MOM!!

So yeah well still it is a fun read once you get to the interesting parts there is NO WAY you can put it down (believe me I tried).

My Rating 4.5 out of 5 stars

About the author


K. E. Bonner was always the first kid to sit down during a spelling bee. It wasn’t until she was an adult that she was diagnosed with dyslexia, which explained why she always had to study three times harder than her peers. Being dyslexic taught her perseverance and kindness, her two favorite attributes. She lives in Georgia with her husband, two sons, and two dogs. When not writing, she loves to read, swim, explore new places, and meet fascinating people. If you have a dog, she would love to scratch behind its ears and tell it what a good pup it is.


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Hope you all read it and enjoy it!!!!
If you have read this book then do let me know in the comments 😀
Stay safe!!!!


I am die heart POTTERHEAD !!!!! I love reading books my favourite are Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Malory towers and the French girl in New York series! I also play guitar and listen to music as a pastime.

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